Annual Report

For more than seven decades, a dedicated network of board members, advisors, foundations, and donors have sustained the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. We extend our deepest gratitude to the board leaders, individuals, and institutions whose continued partnership is key to our efforts.


2017 Annual Report The 2017 Annual Report reflects continued growth for the Bulletin, sustained by readership growth and a determined commitment to meet people where they are. From official March for Science events and museum exhibits in Chicago and Shanghai, to new partnerships with sites that cater to younger audiences like TeenVogue and NowThis Media, the Bulletin was on the front lines of taking science and rational, evidence-based policy to a public that is eager to make sense of it all. If the Bulletin publishes the brightest and most distinguished minds in science and public policy, it is due to the fact that our readers are equal to the task. As Lee Francis, chair of our governing board puts it: “Even in the most trying days of 2017, the Bulletin has been buoyed by a growing readership and a spirit that reflects a keen awareness of the risks and the steady resolve to reduce them.” Indeed.



2016 Annual Report  The 2016 Annual Report reviews another strong year for the organization—a year in which the Bulletin received record-breaking readership and an unprecedented amount of attention in popular culture, ranging from coverage in the satiric outlet The Onion to having an entire episode of the hit television show Madam Secretary devoted to the significance of the Doomsday Clock. Look through the report to see what was new for us in 2016: new platforms for engagement including new data visualizations, new partnerships, and new efforts to connect with younger audiences. As executive director and publisher Rachel Bronson writes: “What you will see in the pages that follow is evidence of a vibrant organization that is actively rethinking its mandate in the 21st century, a time in which scientific and technological advancements are moving faster than ever.”



2015 Annual Report  The 2015 Annual Report reviews a spectacular year for the organization—a year in which the Bulletin marked its 70th anniversary, welcomed Rachel Bronson as executive director and publisher, and enjoyed record-high readership and media attention for its commitment to informing public discussion about nuclear weapons, climate change, and emerging threats to global security. “After my first year at the Bulletin, I believe the need for our organization is as great as ever—perhaps even greater,” wrote Bronson in her opening letter for the report. “The topics that we cover are tightly defined, and they ripple through almost every dimension of global security.” See the 2015 report for coverage and photographs from the Bulletin’s annual Clock Symposium and the 70th Anniversary Dinner, which featured keynote addresses by 19th US Secretary of Defense William Perry; the Honorable Gareth Evans, chancellor of Australian National University and Australia’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs; California Governor Jerry Brown; and Julia Stasch, president of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

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