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13 June 2018

A Bulletin editorial, and more, on the Singapore Summit

Bulletin editorial, and a special collection on the Singapore Summit.

5 June 2018

Steve Fetter joins the Science and Security Board

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is pleased to announce Steve Fetter as the newest member of the organization’s Science and Security Board.

14 May 2018

Event: The Art and Design of the Doomsday Clock

Join us for a discussion on "The Art and Design of the Doomsday Clock," featuring design historian Michael J. Golec, Department Chair and Design History Coordinator at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and art historian Maggie Taft, co-editor of the forthcoming book Art in Chicago: A History From the Fire to Now.

8 May 2018

Read the 2017 annual report

What we encountered throughout the past year, as we have time and time again, is a hunger for evidence-based news and debate about the world’s most pressing problems.

7 May 2018

A presidential announcement on the Iran deal, via Twitter

Examine the critical elements of the Iran deal by reading through the work of our columnist, Ariane Tababai. It’s all here at the Bulletin.

2 May 2018

A Bulletin special issue on the ever-rising seas

Explore our deep dive into sea-level rise. What does “average global sea-level rise” mean, and what are the global and regional consequences when all the ice melts on the far-away West Antarctic Ice Sheet?

25 April 2018

An expert collection on the military applications of AI

Over the course of this week, the Bulletin, in partnership with the Stanley Foundation, is taking a deep look at the explosion of military AI research and development around the world, with articles from top experts Michael Horowitz, Lora Saalman, William Regli, Kerstin Vignard, and Peter Asaro. These are fascinating looks at artificial intelligence and how it may, or may not, shape the future of militaries around the world, with references to David Foster Wallace and art from Banksy thrown in for good measure. This is definitely worth your time.